InSinkErator F-201R Replacement Water Filter Cartridges, 2-Pack

InSinkErator F-201R Replacement Water Filter Cartridges, 2-Pack

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The InSinkErator F-201R Replacement Filter is for use with the F-201 Filtration System, the only system designed specifically for Instant Hot Water Dispensers. The F-201R filter improves your drinking water by reducing chlorine taste and odor for a clean, refreshing taste. The F-201 Filter is NSF Standard 42 listed. Sanitary Quick-Change Filter Cartridges make cartridge replacement fast and easy, without contact with used filter material. Upgrade to the F-601R Replacement Filter to reduce chlorine taste and odor, lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts and other contaminants for cleaner, healthier water. Both filter models are designed specifically for Instant Hot Water Dispensers but are also ideal for refrigerators, icemakers, or virtually any drinking water system.

Consuming water is an important part of our daily lives, considering it makes up about 70 percent of our body weight. While it is reported that a healthy person can live without food for weeks, a person can only survive a few days without water.

The United States offers its citizens one of the safest water supplies in the world. Even so, many consumers are using home purification systems to help ensure the best tasting and safest water for drinking and cooking. In addition, others are consuming bottled water for reasons of both convenience and safety.

The InSinkErator F-201R Filter Cartridge makes replacement easy. A simple twist is all it takes!

A 6-12 month time span is recommended for filter cartridge replacement (it is recommended that all carbon filters be replaced within 12 months), and the filter system automatically shuts off water when the filter cartridge is being replaced.

Material Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight 1.76 Pounds
Duration 3 months
External Testing Certification NSF